Rabbit Hutch Plans

Rabbit hutches are excellent to incorporate into your landscape when you want your bunnies to enjoy the great outdoors, as well as have a safe place to nest in. You can get a variety of designs that will not only look aesthetically pleasing but can hold multiple rabbits. Giving your rabbits a hutch to live in will provide them with the natural atmosphere they crave. It keeps them healthy and happy, and you’ll love that most of them are very easy to clean and assemble. Here are a few tips on the types of rabbit hutches available, the prices, and much more. But let’s get started with our top ten rabbit hutches.

Top 10 Rabbit Hutches

1) Rabbit Hutch with Storage for Hay

Rabbit Hutch with Storage for Hay

If you want your rabbits to have plenty of space to play and live in, and you want room for storing hay, then this hutch is ideal for you. Most people get it assembled in under an hour, and the materials are built to withstand the natural elements. This rabbit hutch has longevity and is priced fantastically for the value.

Check it out: http://www.rabbithutchplans.org/RabbitHutchwithStorageforHay

2) Petsfit Rabbit Hutch for Indoor Use

Petsfit Rabbit Hutch for Indoor Use

While you will need to buy a few accessories such as a grate, you won’t mind when you get a quality rabbit hutch at such an affordable cost. The hutch is attractive and accessible making it easy to clean and care for your bunnies. Plus, the size is perfect for your pet rabbit to have its space, as well as fit in your home.

Check it out: http://www.rabbithutchplans.org/PetsfitRabbitHutchforIndoorUse

3) Merax Wooden Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

Merax Wooden Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

You’ll love that you can keep your rabbit’s space clean and tidy with this spacious hutch. There are two runs and plenty of room for exercising, as well as bedding. You’ll love the way this looks in your yard and how it withstands the elements like rain and sunshine. It will keep your rabbits safe and healthy, and it’s a breeze to clean.

Check it out: http://www.rabbithutchplans.org/MeraxWoodenOutdoorRabbitHutch

4) Wooden Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run

Wooden Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run

When you have an outdoor rabbit hutch, you want to make sure that it will keep the bunnies in and the wildlife out, and this housing unit gives you the protection that you want. The price is right, and your pet will appreciate the amount of room they have to run around in.

Check it out: http://www.rabbithutchplans.org/WoodenRabbitHutchwithOutdoorRun

5) Pawhut Outdoor Triangular Wooden Rabbit Hutch with Run

Pawhut Outdoor Triangular Wooden Rabbit Hutch with Run

Your rabbit will get to enjoy a safe space to exercise, and you’ll appreciate the design that works to stay durable in all sorts of weather. The triangle shape fits so nicely into many landscapes that you may want to get more than one! There’s privacy for the rabbits, as well as an outdoor outlet, and the cost is fantastic.

Check it out: http://www.rabbithutchplans.org/PawhutOutdoorTriangularWoodenRabbitHutchwithRun

6) Rabbit Hutches Penthouse

Rabbit Hutches Penthouse

If you’re looking for durable outdoor rabbit hutches, then you’ll find that interaction is natural when you get this spacious penthouse for your bunnies. Your pets won’t be without a nesting box, privacy, and a ramp that is slip-proof. The materials used to build this hutch are reliable against the outdoor elements, but if you prefer to put it inside, you’ll discover that it looks wonderful with many decors.

Check it out: http://www.rabbithutchplans.org/RabbitHutchesPenthouse

7) Advantek The Stilt House Rabbit Hutch

Advantek The Stilt House Rabbit Hutch

The stilts provide this rabbit hutch with a little extra roominess, and the durable structure gives them safety. Cleaning is a snap with the tray that pulls out, and you’ll be pleased that this isn’t a heavy hutch so it can be moved to different areas of your landscape quickly. The natural colors will be pleasing to the eye no matter where you live or what season it is.

Check it out: http://www.rabbithutchplans.org/AdvantekTheStiltHouseRabbitHutch

8) Confidence Pet Rabbit Hutch

Confidence Pet Rabbit Hutch

This is an exceptionally durable rabbit hutch that uses strong materials for the structure and a waterproof finish that is antifungal. It has two levels, so you can give one bunny a mansion or you can comfortably fit a few more rabbits in and still have room for them to run and exercise.

Check it out: http://www.rabbithutchplans.org/ConfidencePetRabbitHutch

9) ALEKO Wooden Rabbit Hitch

ALEKO Wooden Rabbit Hitch

You’ll have plenty of access for cleaning, as well as adding and removing bunnies when you invest in this rabbit hutch. There are plenty of ventilation and space for the rabbits to bed and play, and you’ll appreciate the county nod the design has that will look excellent near your garden and in your lawn.

Check it out: http://www.rabbithutchplans.org/ALEKOWoodenRabbitHitch

10) Trixie Pet Products Rabbit Hutch

Trixie Pet Products Rabbit Hutch

This cute rabbit hutch is easy to clean and will look fantastic in any landscape. Your bunnies will love that they have the top level for enjoying time to themselves for nesting and relaxing (it even has a window), and then a bottom level for frolicking. It’s simple to move around your lawn and clean, and it is a blast to watch your rabbits enjoy their time in it.

Rabbit Hutch Selection Tips

When you’re investing in rabbit hutches, there are a few factors that you should consider so that you get the best one for you and your rabbit’s needs. Whether you want to keep rabbits as pets or you showcase them at the fair and other events, it’s vital that you give them a comfortable home that they feel safe in. Here are a few tips that will help get you started on the selection process.

#1: Decide how many rabbits you will have in the hutch at one time because you’ll want to ensure that everyone has plenty of space to rest and release energy. There are minimum measurements set by the Animal Welfare Act, and you’ll want to be in accordance with them, if not exceed them per rabbit.

#2: Be mindful of how easy the rabbit hutch is to move if you plan on changing the location of it around the yard. Some rabbit hutches will be designed to stay in one place, while others are made for indoor and outdoor use, as well as being a little more flexible when it comes to mobility. However, be mindful that rabbits are territorial and they like to be near familiar scents, so moving them to new locations can be very stressful.

#3: Pay attention to how accessible and easy to clean the rabbit hutch is. Even if your rabbit is living outside you’ll still have to make sure that the nesting area stays tidy, food stays fresh, and that you can clean up their messes, so their living environment is sanitary and healthy.

#4: Follow the assembly instruction and look at these ahead of time. If you need special tools or will require help, knowing this beforehand will make the process quicker and easier on you. Also, when you check out the assembly instructions, look at the materials that are used to build the rabbit hutch because this will give you an idea of how durable the structure will be and if the manufacturer has applied weatherproof techniques.

Types of Rabbit Hutches

There is a broad range of rabbit hutches for you to choose from. Some are designed for indoor use only, while others will be primarily for the outdoors. Others will appear to be luxurious for the rabbit, and some will be much more practical in appearance and shape. Look at all of your selections before making a purchase and be sure to factor in the size and amount of rabbits you plan on keeping.

Rabbit Hutch Sizes

The living space for a rabbit hutch should be large enough that the bunny can easily stretch out in each direction, and tall enough that their ears don’t touch the top when they sit up on their back legs. They should be able to take a few hops to reach each end (if not more), and there should be tunnels or an addition for running and getting daily exercise. If you have multiple rabbits, you’ll need to account for them and the extra room they’ll require. Think about double decker rabbit hutches if you want more space for nesting.

Rabbit Hutch Prices

Rabbit hutches range in price from a little over fifty dollars to a few hundred dollars depending on how much room you need and the quality of materials that are used. There will be other features that will also make an impact on the price from the ease of cleaning to a separate nesting area.

Rabbit Hutch Plans

Building a simple rabbit hutch can actually be pretty complicated, so if you aren’t familiar working with wood and wire be sure you do your research so that you are using the best safety precautions, as well as following the directions with accuracy.

How to Build your Own Rabbit Hutch (step by step)

Step #1: Begin by choosing the design that’s right for you whether you want an A-frame, double decker, a hutch for one rabbit or many rabbits, as well as what your budget and where you plan on locating it.

Here’s a great reference book with plenty of design ideas:

Rabbit Housing: Planning, Building, and Equipping Facilities for Humanely Raising Rabbits

Step #2: Once you have your design, begin to gather the materials and cut the wood according to the blueprint, as well as cutting the wire to size. Make sure that you select quality materials because you want to choose wire and wood will keep predators out.

Step #3: Next, you’ll put together the basic frame with wood and then attach the wire you cut to size using C-rings.

Step #4: After the base frame is complete with the wire attached to the sides, you can add the top and the bottom. It’s important to remember that before you do this, you make additions such as if you want a divider in the rabbit hutch.

Step #5: After step four is complete, you can finally cut a hole in the wire where you want the door. Make sure the edges aren’t sharp because you’ll be reaching in and out to clean and remove rabbits. Use a piece of wire that is a little bigger than the hole and attach it with C-rings on one side and latch on the other side.

Additional information about rabbit hutches

How to Clean your Rabbit Hutch

Keeping your rabbit hutch clean is vital to the health of your rabbit, and when you want to ensure that you’re getting everything done, you’ll want to have a checklist. Here’s a quick list that you can keep with you so that you or anyone cleaning the rabbit hutch will cover all bases.

Every day:

  • Remove the rabbit and put in a safe play space.
  • Take out all of the materials in the hutch from food dishes to bedding to fur to waste.
  • Leave one corner untouched (you’ll rotate these per cleaning) so that your rabbit has a familiar scent when coming back in the hutch.
  • Clean the food bowl and drop tray, and rinse the water feeder.
  • Replace the bedding and hay with fresh pieces.


  • On a sunny day, remove the rabbit and all materials from inside the hutch.
  • Keep on corner untouched by cleaning methods.
  • Disinfect the cage by scrubbing with a vinegar solution and rinse completely.
  • While the cage dries thoroughly in the sunlight, wash the food dish, the drop tray, the water feeder, and the bedding and toys.
  • Once everything is completely dry, then replace it and put the rabbit back in.

Rabbit Hutch Safety Tips

Now that you know more about rabbit hutches and how to maintain them for the health of your bunny, here are a few tips to keep them safe.

#1: There are a lot of predators out there, and you’ll need to take that into account. Chicken wire won’t keep them out, so make sure you choose the most durable materials available.

#2: Keep your rabbit in a shaded area because continual direct sunlight is going to have an adverse effect on their health. If you don’t have a shade tree, then build or buy a small canopy to provide that for them.

Take care in providing your rabbit with a home that they’ll be relaxed and happy in whether they are inside or outside. Good luck finding the best rabbit hutches for you!